Who To Contact When You Have Questions

Main Office:
Omega Inc.
5793 Widewaters Pkwy.
Dewitt, NY 13214
Tel. 315-449-4124
Fax. 315-449-4148

Get The Answers You Need

Our pension team is here to help you effectively administer your Plan. Each of our pension professionals has a specialty to provide answers you need, and if they don’t have the answer on the spot they will find it and get back to you as soon as possible. Our service is personal, specialized and designed to make your pension administration trouble free.

Strategic Planning – Sandra A Wehner, QPA – sandy@omegaqpa.com

Participant Terminations and Distributions – Pat Lutz – pat@omegaqpa.com

Employee Loans – Mary Ann Cantello – maryann@omegaqpa.com

Invoices & Billing – Nicole Joseph – nicole@omegaqpa.com

Employee Census – Jennifer Deluca – jennifer@omegaqpa.com

Sandra A. Wehner, QPA, Partner
Vice President / Qualified Pension Administrator

Sandy can answer any and all questions concerning your Plan and the administration of the Plan Document. It is greatly appreciated that questions concerning the specific issues be directed to the appropriate administrator listed below.

Pat Lutz

Pension Administrator
Terminations and Distributions
315-449-4124 Ext.

Pat can assist you with most Plan questions and will process all Participant terminations and distributions according to your Plan Document. In the event, an employee terminates employment, please complete a copy of the enclosed Distribution Request form (A file of this Word document can be obtained by contacting pat@omegaqpa.com) and fax to our office. We will contact the participant directly to complete the required withdrawal paperwork and forward to you for Trustee signature. You may also provide this information to our office by emailing Pat at pat@omegaqpa.com.

Mary Ann Cantello
Pension Administrator
Employee Loans

Mary Ann can assist you with most Plan questions and will process employee loans if your Plan Document contains a loan provision. Please download the Loan Letter template here > Loan Authorization Document copy on to your letterhead, complete the information requested, have a Trustee sign. Fax to our office and Mary Ann will prepare the required loan paperwork for you.

Nicole Joseph
Pension Administrator
Client Billing

Nicole prepares quarterly billings. In most cases, Omega, Inc., bills all 401(k) Plans on a quarterly basis. Invoices are mailed on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. We bill in arrears, meaning the invoice you receive dated December 1 will be for the final quarter of the year, the one mailed on March 1st will be for the first quarter of the current year and so on. Questions concerning invoices should be directed to Nicole.

Jennifer DeLuca
Pension Administrator
Employee Census

Jennifer can assist you with questions concerning your employee census. We will be requesting an annual census of all employees.  A semi-annual census will be requested if your Plan is not Safe Harbor. This is required to keep your Plan in compliance. We will mail or e-mail at the request of the Trustee, the Anniversary Notification (Census) for you to add new employees, dates of termination, birth and hire; compensation, salary deferrals, etc. Feel free to use an Excel spreadsheet to report the requested information to us. Please be sure the company name is on all reports. Any questions concerning the census can be addressed to Jennifer or Mary Ann