About Omega Inc.

Omega, Inc., is an independent, qualified plan design and administration firm, located in Dewitt, New York. Founded in 1984, Omega, Inc., has specialized in designing and servicing pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans for small and medium sized businesses.

Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has been to design Plans on a personalized basis and to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. Omega, Inc., currently provides services for approximately 700 clients and handles over $500 million in Plan deposits.

Services We Provide

Omega Inc. specializes in designing and servicing qualified plans for small and medium sized businesses including:

  • Installation of Amended Services
  • Administration and Actuarial Services
  • Employee Communication Services
  • Annual Government Reporting Services
  • Schedule of fees installation
  • Annual Administration

Our Team

Alexander S. Joseph, President

Sandra A. Wehner, QPA, Partner, Vice President / Qualified Plan Administrator

Helen Joseph – Treasurer

Patricia (Pat) A. Lutz – Plan Administrator

Mary Ann Cantello – Plan Administrator

Nicole Andreu – Plan Administrator

Peggy Cantello – Plan Administrator